Why we prioritise key workers?

For every available space, on average we receive 22 property guardian applications so we work hard to select the most suitable individuals to protect our clients’ assets.

Luckily for us, we receive huge numbers of enquires from key workers and we ensure that they are prioritised for any available spaces across our portfolio of guardian properties.

Whether they are caring for sick patients, helping to keep essential services going or ensuring we are all fed, key workers are the most caring and giving people in society so we wholeheartedly trust them to look after our buildings better than any one else. in touch with us to get a free guardian management proposal. 

Key Worker Protection

We stick to this principle because:

Key workers care 
We trust key workers with all aspects of our lives including our health and looking after our children and security. Key workers tend to take to be careful rather than carefree approach to life which makes them great property guardians.
Key workers are professional 

With hectic work schedules and shift patterns, we find that having a mix of different key worker property guardians leads to our properties being occupied around the clock which leads to improved security. It also helps that they tend to work in jobs that directly help us to secure buildings such as the police force, armed services and the fire brigade. Who would make better custodians of our clients’ buildings?

Key workers need affordable accommodation

We all know that key workers are overworked and often under paid. They appreciate that we offer quality temporary accommodation at a significant discount to market rents. Our property security solution is not a long term fix for the housing affordability crisis in the UK but it does add to the short term supply of affordable accommodation. On average, guardians pay 28% of their salary on housing which is less than the 33% that is considered to be the standard measure of affordability.

They’re our national superheros
 So they deserve to get what they want. If a key worker wants one of our available rooms, who are we to say no?
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