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Property guardians offer the most secure and cost effective way of managing empty buildings. The benefits of guardianship do not stop with security as there are also significant financial and societal benefits attached with our solution. 


Property guardians provide better protection from anti-social behaviour, squatting, property fraud and metal theft than other forms of vacant property security such as metal shutters, CCTV and staffing properties with guards.

Financial savings

Property owners are always better off financially by using our security method. Total savings can be over £200,000 a year depending on the property type. 

Property guardians help landlords to mitigate security, utility, maintenance costs and business rates. 

Benefits to society

Our solution increases the availability of affordable accommodation and creates low cost and flexible living spaces from buildings that would otherwise be empty.

We prioritise key workers to do our part in giving back by providing quality, low cost homes on a temporary basis. 

Property types and clients

Property guardians protect residential and commercial buildings owned by a wide range of property owners, including local authorities, developers, investment funds and charities.

Why Use Property Guardians?

Effective Deterrent to Squatters

It is estimated that there were around 20,000 to 50,000 people squatting in the UK in 2016. While squatting has been illegal in residential properties since 2012, this has only led to an increase in commercial squatting, with the worst affected areas being London, the South-East and Wales. Our solution guarantees against squatting by ensuring the property is continuously occupied.

Find out more

Read our blog which gives the latest guardian related information and news. 

Security savings

The use of guardians provides significant financial savings on security costs compared to other physical property protection measures. Guardianship can save up to £2,000 per week compared with using professional guards, or up to £400 compared with using physical steel protection and alarms.

Reduce incidents of theft and vandalism

Property guardians provide efficient building protection. 

A constant live in presence is a huge deterrent to those who commit acts of vandalism such as graffiti on buildings.

Official statistics show that seven in 10 burglaries are committed when no-one is in the home. This demonstrates that empty buildings are vulnerable. 


Monetise vacant property

Guardianship can provide an income for property owners. In most cases, we return a share of the license fee paid by guardians meaning that you will generate income from a building that would otherwise be providing a £0 return. 

Reduce business rates

Guardianship can provide savings on empty business rates for commercial property. When a vacant commercial building is occupied by property guardians the property’s use changes to residential. According to the Valuation Office Agency ”property is domestic if it is used as living accommodation, so there is no reason why such a scheme (property guardianship) should not succeed in reducing tax liability.”. This means that a commercial building should be revalued as residential (and so pay council tax) instead of commercial (when it paid business rates) if it is being lived in. 

Council tax is much cheaper than business rates and is normally paid for by the guardian or the guardian company. A property owner can save up to 90 per cent of their business rates bill this way.

Reduce insurance premiums for empty buildings

Using property guardians can reduce buildings insurance premiums by up to 50 per cent. Clients using guardians can save thousands of pounds a month by using property guardians to protect their vacant property. For most clients, the cost savings on offer are the primary driver for using our guardian solution.

Make positive social use of empty space

Property Guardianship offers huge benefits to those who can’t get on to the property ladder and are desperately looking for affordable housing. Property guardian schemes offer thousands of low cost and flexible living spaces in some of the most sought after areas in the UK.

Reduce utilities and council tax

Property guardians can relieve the burden of council tax for property owners. The cost of council tax falls either to the guardian or the guardian company, providing significant financial savings for the property owner.