Property Guardians

Property Guardians

Property guardianship is a relatively unknown housing choice in the UK but it is a rapidly growing phenomenon. Property guardians protect vacant commercial and residential property by occupation, providing accommodation, at sub-market rent levels.

At Avalon Property Guardians, our focus is ensuring our guardians are securing our clients’ properties whilst living in a safe and comfortable space. Our focus is always on the safety and well-being of our guardians, and the buildings that they occupy. As a property guardian, you will be a working professional who enjoys a normal lifestyle whilst working with Avalon Guardians to protect our clients empty buildings. In exchange, you benefit from living in areas at up to 60% below market rental rates. We are currently looking for new guardians who can take on the responsibility of keeping properties secure.

About becoming a property guardian

Living as a property guardian is a relatively unknown housing choice in the UK but it is a rapidly growing phenomenon. Property guardians protect vacant commercial and residential property by occupation, providing additional short term accommodation, at up to 60% below market rent levels.

Living in a property as a guardian is very different from being a tenant in the private rented sector (PRS). Guardianship offers a licence agreement for accommodation instead of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST) which is common in the private rented sector.

As a property guardian, you will benefit from the flexibility and savings on offer in exchange for your support in protecting our clients buildings:

Why become a property guardian?

  • Make savings on your cost of accommodation
  • Live in a flexible space that requires 28 days’ notice to leave
  • Bring formally empty buildings back into use
  • Become a part of our community
  • Use support from Avalon when leaving Guardianship if you plan to rent privately or buy a property

As a Property Guardian, you agree to:

  • Sign up to a non-exclusive licence agreement. This means non-exclusivity to your room so we can conduct spot inspections on your space without notice if required.
  • Give 28 days’ notice before leaving
  • Follow the building security protocol. This involves following basic steps to keep the building secure and reporting on any issues that arise at the building.
  • Unlike a tenancy agreement, you will be living in the property under a monthly non-exclusive licence agreement. When our client serves us notice to vacate the property, our licence agreement with our Guardian’s is automatically terminated. At this point, Avalon will serve notice to quit under the terms of the licence agreement which gives the guardians 28 days to vacate the premises.
  • This means that when our contract with a property owner is terminated, our licence agreement with our property guardian is automatically terminated.

Key workers

Avalon Guardians work closely with the NHS Trust and trade unions to advertise our spaces to Key Workers.

Key Workers are the most valuable and at times underpaid professionals in our communities. As such, we prioritise our spaces for key workers to ensure they are given the opportunity to live in a space at below market rate.

We offer housing advice to key workers to help with their housing choices when they decide to move away from guardianship. We advise on getting on the housing ladder by connecting our guardians with free impartial brokers and have a specialist team who can advise on affordable and intermediate housing options.

Head Guardians

We are always searching for property guardians who go above and beyond to protect the living space and the property as a whole. Working professionals who have been property guardians with us for a longer period of time can become head guardians.

Guardian Selection Process

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