We have launched! 

We’re excited to introduce Avalon Guardians, a company focused on finding productive and creative solutions for empty properties.  

There are over 216,000 vacant properties across the UK and an even larger number of underutilised properties that we feel should be brought into productive use. 

We are focused on finding both long and short term solutions to bring life back into assets to ensure their potential is maximised. 

Our main service offering if focused on temporary guardian security to protect and mange empty buildings but we are currently advising on a carpark rooftop to bar conversion and a ‘shop in a box’ shipping container business park to give you a feel for the range of solutions that we conjure up. 

Our guardian property security service is fantastic as it is focused on creating temporary affordable living spaces from disused buildings. This is an effective way for property owners to secure their buildings as it offers a complete security service to replace costly traditional security methods. The financial and social benefits of using guardians makes the solution a no brainer for the owners of empty buildings.  

We are launching with the aim of creating 1,000 quality temporary guardian spaces across the UK. 

Our focus is on offering complaint guardian services. All rooms will be delivered in line with health and safety and HMO licensing standards. We will deliver good quality spaces at affordable prices. 

We look forward to embarking on our mission to bring properties back into use by employing our 360 management solution. 

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