Having a daily presence in a building that would otherwise be empty significantly reduces the risks of problems arising. 

Property Guardians protect our clients’ assets by living in the space on a full time basis. They live normal working lives, their role is simply to be the eyes and ears of our property managers to help us in protecting buildings.  Property guardians secure empty properties by signing up to the following responsibilities: 


We have a 24 hour contact number and monitored inbox so our guardians can always get hold of us. They must immediately report on any issues that arise concerning the security and or condition of the building they live in. If anyone is seen to attempt vandalism or trespassing, we have a security process in place to ensure that emergency services and our property managers are alerted to ensure the problem is resolved. 

This also applies to any maintenance issues such as leaks, flooding, broken windows or power outages. One of the biggest causes of dilapidation is maintenance issues going undetected for long periods of time. Having guardians live in a space completely eradicates this problem. 

Being Present 

Property Guardians agree to be a constant presence in the buildings they occupy. This simply means using the property as their principle residence and not leaving for a period of more than 48 hours without letting us know. 

Official statistics show that seven in 10 burglaries are committed when no-one is in the home. This demonstrates that unoccupied buildings are vulnerable. Having someone living in the space, turning lights on and generally being around is the biggest benefit of our security solution.

Supporting our property managers 

Guardians are not expected to challenge anti-social behaviour or complete repairs to issues that arise, that is completely on us. Our dedicated property managers are responsible for dealing with all issues.  We just need our guardians help to know when problems come up so we can react quickly. 

Key features features:

  • Risk of break-ins reduced by 70% compared to traditional security methods
  • Immediate response, 24 hours a day
  • Security issues resolved immediately
  • Maintains property’s condition 
  • Maintenance issues dealt with immediately

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