Why Empty Homes Matter?

Empty Homes -

There are over 216,000 empty homes across the UK, enough supply to eradicate homelessness!

Empty properties are a wasted resource, to the owner and to the community as a whole. Long-term vacant homes now account for £53.6bn of property. 

There is a huge need for housing of every type across the UK and empty properties which could otherwise be made available for housing are a wasted resource. 

So why do empty homes matter?

1. The cost 

In our experience, the longer a property is left vacant the more it will cost to bring it back into habitable condition as properties deteriorate when unused as maintenance is not carried out and issues such as leaks and damp go unnoticed. The opportunity cost of leaving a property empty is huge. Lost rent costs owners tens of thousands a year. The owners of empty properties remain responsible for utilities so the burning costs such as council tax, utility standing charges and maintenance can cost a significant sum. If the external condition of an empty property is bad, this can have a knock on impact on the value of other properties in the surrounding area. 

2. Affordable housing 

Bringing empty homes back into use increases the overall supply of housing helping local councils to meet their housing needs. Eradicating empty homes would help could help in supplying affordable housing to meet the need of the homeless and those in temporary accommodation. 

3. For Local Residents

Ensuring properties are occupied makes local residents feel more secure and reduces the risk of vandalism, anti social behaviour and fly tipping. Vandalised and graffitied empty homes can feel depressive and have an impact on the prices and condition of adjoining homes through dampness and structural issues. Occupied spaces help to maintain safe neighbourhoods and increases the general sense of community. 

4. For The Local Economy

Bringing an empty home back into use encourages economic vitality and can increase spending in the local economy. Unsightly homes deter investment in an area and can lead to decline or area blight.

5. For The Wider Community

Removing the negative impact of empty properties helps to boost the well-being of communities. Reduced demand on services such as the Fire and Rescue Service, the Police and Council Services such as Environmental Health means that resources can be used more effectively elsewhere

We want to encourage and help owners and managers to bring them back into use.Property guardian protection reduces the number of disused homes in the UK.  Tackling empty homes is our focus and we believe that the social benefits attached to creating affordable accommodation is huge. Our service offers a win win solution for the owners of buildings and the guardians who occupy the space.


Coronavirus Guidance for Guardians

Coronavrus Guidance for Key Workers

The health of our Property Guardians and Guardian management team is our top priority.

We continue to follow the latest government advice surrounding Coronavirus in the UK and are adapting our service and operations to best service our property guardians and staff at this time. Our focus is on maintaining our service level whilst keeping everyone safe. 

Communal living as a Property Guardian – Covid-19

We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and wanted to issue some guidance to our property guardians to ensure government guidelines are being followed in communal settings. 

Communal living 

Where possible, we have restricted access to our guardian communal spaces and placed signage in areas which need to stay open for access advising guardians not to congregate. 

We are advising guardians to: 

– Maintain a 2m distance from other guardians 

– Ensure hands are washed regularly and thoroughly

– Coordinate the use of shared kitchens to minimise the time spent in the same room.      Always clean up after yourselves and use antibacterial solutions on surfaces after use. 

Property inspections 

We will give 48 hours notice before completing property visits. We will also call you on the day of inspection to ensure you are aware and for further confirmation. 

With reduced property management capacity, we will only be able to deal with emergency maintenance and security tasks.

On entering the your space, our team have requested that you temporary clear the areas that we are inspecting and allow for 2m distance between yourselves and our property managers. 


Viewings on new spaces are currently on hold. We are carrying out virtual tours and have footage of all available rooms.


In line with government guidelines, visitors are not permitted in our buildings. If your property has areas of outdoor space, please follow the governments latest guidance on garden visits. 

Self isolating

Any property guardians needing to self-isolate should stay in their individual rooms with the door closed. They should only use shared living spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and living areas when necessary. We will work with you to make the appropriate arrangements.

General guidance 

Please only call 111 if you require significant care or assistance. You do not need to call 111 to self-isolate. Please self-isolate if you present any of the symptoms, no matter how mild. You will need to self-isolate for 7 days from when the symptoms started.

Moving forward 



Introducing Avalon Guardians

Property Guardian Protection

We have launched! 

We’re excited to introduce Avalon Guardians, a company focused on finding productive and creative solutions for empty properties.  

There are over 216,000 vacant properties across the UK and an even larger number of underutilised properties that we feel should be brought into productive use. 

We are focused on finding both long and short term solutions to bring life back into assets to ensure their potential is maximised. 

Our main service offering if focused on temporary guardian security to protect and mange empty buildings but we are currently advising on a carpark rooftop to bar conversion and a ‘shop in a box’ shipping container business park to give you a feel for the range of solutions that we conjure up. 

Our guardian property security service is fantastic as it is focused on creating temporary affordable living spaces from disused buildings. This is an effective way for property owners to secure their buildings as it offers a complete security service to replace costly traditional security methods. The financial and social benefits of using guardians makes the solution a no brainer for the owners of empty buildings.  

We are launching with the aim of creating 1,000 quality temporary guardian spaces across the UK. 

Our focus is on offering complaint guardian services. All rooms will be delivered in line with health and safety and HMO licensing standards. We will deliver good quality spaces at affordable prices. 

We look forward to embarking on our mission to bring properties back into use by employing our 360 management solution.