About us

With over 10 years of experience in strategic assessment management and development agency, we understand the importance of protecting property assets and how this fits into wider asset management and development strategy.

Our ethos is to combine effective property protection with providing safe and compliant spaces for our guardians to call a home.

Our compliance checklists are second to none in the guardian space, we ensure assets are completely secure from both a building security and health and safety level.

At Avalon Guardians, we recognise that our clients assets are highly valuable so we ensure that the properties are secured efficiently.

We approach every building with an owner’s mindset, which we combine with the view that we would never ask a Property Guardian to occupy a building that is unsafe or a building that we wouldn’t occupy ourselves.

We have a track record of improving the security at buildings and helping our clients monetise their vacant property assets.

The trust of our clients, as demonstrated by their repeated, ongoing requests for support is our greatest satisfaction.

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