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Avalon Guardians deliver solutions for the owners of empty and underutilised buildings. Our service is focused on finding the best use for assets to ensure they are providing positive social and financial returns. We offer a comprehensive management and security solution for empty property involving the use of property guardians. We also devise and implement longer term solutions focused on maximising the potential of vacant assets. 

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Property Guardian Security

Avalon Guardians bring properties back into use through property guardianship. Our property guardians help us with securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties by temporarily living in the space. We appoint a property manager to your building and work with our live-in property guardians to ensure the property is well looked after.  Our solution offers the most effective method of protecting vacant buildings and creates aspiring communities by filling empty property with individuals who benefit from low cost and flexible accommodation. Avalon Guardians are a compliant provider of property guardian services. We follow all health and safety and planning regulation and employ a property guardian first policy that ensures that the buildings under our management are fit for habitation at all stages of occupation. 

Vacant Property Consultancy 

With over 216,000 empty properties across the UK, we work with property owners to find solutions to bring empty buildings back into use. Our approach can be as simple as advising on refurbishments ahead of sale to advising on ground up development. We find the best use for our clients’ assets in order to maximise financial returns and bring assets back into productive use. 


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Making use of vacant buildings

Our solution secures vacant buildings and brings them back into use by allowing our property guardian occupiers to live in the space. In some cases, buildings are not fit for residential use so we find creative ways to bring the space back to life by finding temporary commercial uses. Property guardian occupancy maximises the utility of buildings and does a huge amount of social good.

Property Guardians

Creating affordable living spaces

Property guardianship offers a low cost and flexible form of temporary accommodation. Property guardian schemes are not a long term housing solution but they provide a boost to the supply of accommodation across the UK where property unaffordability is a well known crisis. Our property guardians are able to live in affordable spaces, which gives them the opportunity to save up to 40% on their living costs compared with renting a room or flat in the same area.

Vacant Property Security

Prioritising key workers as property guardians

We deliver quality temporary homes at a discount to market rents and feel that key workers should be the first to benefit from this. 

Key workers are responsible for the most vital functions of society so it goes without saying that we can trust them to take good care of our clients’ buildings when living in the space. 

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Securing property

Property guardians offer the most effective means of securing empty property.  Buildings that are obviously empty are easy targets for squatters and are often vandalised. Having guardians live in the space day to day significantly decreases the risk of any issues arising. Property guardians are an efficient deterrent to the common problems affecting empty buildings as the constant flow of activity at the space means the property is not vulnerable. 

Property Guardians

Eliminating void costs

Empty buildings can cost significant amounts to own. Council tax, building insurance, business rates, utility costs, traditional security and maintenance are some of the common burning costs incurred by the owners of empty buildings. We reduce void costs for building owners by covering the expenses. This offers building owners £1,000s in savings annually. 

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Reducing business rates

If a property is used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation, council tax, not business rates becomes payable. This is achieved by using property guardians.

We have a 100% success rate in having buildings reclassified leading to savings on business rates of up to 98%. 

About Avalon Guardians

Avalon Guardians are passionate about finding creative ways to make use of buildings that would otherwise be empty. 

Our property guardian solution is an effective, practical and low cost way of securing empty assets.

Given our experience with different asset types, we are able to consult on ‘out of the box’  ways  to make use of properties that offers both financial and societal benefits. 

We pride ourselves on bringing vacant buildings back to life and enjoy making the most of empty spaces. 

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A property guardian is somebody who lives in a property which would otherwise be vacant in order to secure it, and in particular to protect the property against unauthorised occupiers such as squatters.

Property guardianship is an arrangement by which people are granted accommodation within a property in exchange for keeping the property under observation and in good condition, with their continued occupation providing a disincentive for the property to be occupied by squatters. Commercial properties can be covered by this arrangement as well as residential properties.

In order to become a property guardian, you will need to:

  1. Register as a guardian
  2. Understand the role of a property guardian
  3. Be in full time employment
  4. Arrange a viewing for your preferred guardian property
  5. Sign up to our terms of guardianship 

It was estimated that there were around 20,000 to 50,000 people squatting in the UK in 2016. While squatting has been illegal in residential properties since 2012, this has only led to an increase in commercial squatting, with the worst affected areas being London, the South-East and Wales. Our solution guarantees against squatting by ensuring the property is continuously occupied.

Property guardians can provide better protection from anti-social behaviour (ASB), squatting, property fraud and metal theft than other forms of vacant property security such as metal shutters, CCTV and staffing properties with guards. A constant live in presence is a huge deterrent to those who commit act of vandalism such as graffiti on buildings.

Register using your public body email address and give us some information about your current position as a key worker. We will always prioritise key workers for our guardian spaces.


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