Property Guardians offer the most cost-effective and secure solution to protect empty buildings.

Avalon Property Guardians secure, maintain  and manage vacant properties through the use of guardianship. Our solution offers the most secure method of protecting vacant buildings and creates aspiring communities by filling empty homes and offering low cost and flexible accommodation. Avalon Guardians are a compliant provider of Guardian services following all health and safety and planning regulations.

End to End Property Management

The property is managed from vacant possession and secured by guardians until the the owner finds an alternative use. Avalon Guardians act as key holders and take care of all property management responsibilities whilst the property is under our care.

Property Secured By Guardians

The property is secured by carefully selected property guardians. Avalon guardians guarantee against squatting and reduce acts of vandalism by up to 90%.

Property Returned with Vacant possession

Once an alternative use for the asset has been found, the property is returned with vacant possession after 32 days.

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Creating uses for vacant buildings

Our solution secures vacant buildings and brings them back into use by allowing our guardian occupiers to live in the space. In some cases, buildings are not fit for residential use so we find creative solutions to bring the space back to life by finding temporary commercial uses. Guardian occupancy maximises the utility of the building and does a huge amount of social good.

An alternative form of affordable accommodation

Property guardianship offers a low cost and flexible form of temporary accommodation. Guardianship isn’t a long term housing solution but helps to boost the supply of accommodation across the UK where property unaffordability is a well know national crisis. Our guardians are able to live in affordable spaces which gives them the opportunity to save up to 40% on their living costs vs renting a room or flat in the same area.

Securing space

Property guardians are an efficient deterrent to the common issues affecting empty buildings. Unfortunately, buildings that are obviously empty are easy targets for squatters and are often graffitied and vandalised. Having guardians live in the space day to day hugely decreases the risk of any issues arising. Squatters cannot occupy a space that is already in use. Having a constant presence in the building means that any issues will be reported to the property manager and police immediately.

Reducing void costs

Empty buildings can cost significant amounts to keep. Council tax, building insurance, business rates, utility costs, traditional security, repairs and maintenance are some of the common burning costs incurred by the owners of empty buildings. We reduce the void costs paid by the owners significantly by covering some of these expenses with our guardian licence fees when the building is under occupation. This can offer a direct saving of £1,000s annually.

Reducing business rates

How are guardian-occupied buildings assessed for ratings purposes? It is the use of the property that is the deciding factor, and this use cannot be for too transient a period. If a property is used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation, council tax, not business rates may become payable.

Property Guardians FAQ

What is Property Guardianship?

Property guardianship is an arrangement by which people are granted accommodation within a property in exchange for keeping the property under observation and in good condition, with their continued occupation providing a disincentive for the property to be occupied by squatters. Commercial properties can be covered by this arrangement as well as residential properties.

What is a Property Guardian?

A property Guardian is an individual who lives in a house, office block, or other building that would otherwise be empty, at below market rent , in order to prevent people from entering it illegally and vandalising the space.

How do I become a property guardian?

In order to become a property guardian, you will have to show:

  1. You understand the role of a property guardian
  2. You want to take on the responsibility of securing vacant buildings
  3. You will have to be in employment
  4. Sign up to our available guardian properties through our website
  5. Arrange a viewing for your preferred guardian space
  6. Upon signing your non-exclusive licence agreement, you agreed to follow the general guardian property rules and regulations.

How long can I stay at the property?

The length of time someone spends as a guardian is also much longer than the
presumed ‘temporary’ living ethos would suggest. Our survey found that
guardians were spending on average 12 months in one property, with the
longest duration six years

How much will it cost me to become a guardian?

The costs of living as a guardian is always lower compared with private renting. The licence fees charged
can vary from £195 to £1000 per month depending on the location and space. Fees are up to 60% lower than market rent.

What are my responsibilities as a property guardian?

The core role of a property guardian is to secure the building they live in.

I’m a key worker, how do I get priority for a guardian space?

Register using your public body email address and give us some information about your current position as a key worker. We will always prioritise key workers for our guardian spaces.

  • Avalon Guardians Offer Compliant Guardianship Services!

    Avalon Guardians have a compliance first policy ensuring that our guardians are always in safe and comfortable environment.

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Saving Property Owners £1,000s in security costs, insurance and & Void Building Rates.

Offering Guardians Affordable and Flexible Living Spaces Across the UK

Simple and Intuitive Solutions Offering Essential Social Benefits Tackling the Housing Crisis,

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